If your son was born in 2015 you are about to take a very exciting step in your life: start school and, although you may not believe it, there are many things you can do in the summer months to make the step as simple as possible, both for you “parents” and for your children.

In summer, talk about school and their teacher, make it sound fun! It will be a new place to play and meet friends. Try different foods, teach to go to the bathroom, reinforce the importance of sharing, the volume of their voice or establishing a routine are issues that, although we do not seem to matter, will make it much easier to incorporate the “kids” to Nursery.

Managing and understanding the words “no” and “stop” is also very important, for their own safety and for their friends. Sing songs, play looking for numbers and shapes or colour things, talk about the hours and days of the week or read a book together will help them adapt to the rhythm of the classes.

We know that all children are different, but following these suggestions may help. And now, enjoy the summer with your little ones!

25 / 07 / 18