In December we held a competition for students to design a wall for the school.

Lia Penele Failde in Year 8 made the winning design that inspired the first wall. As a result she got to work with our talented graffiti artist, Borja. Please find attached a photo of Lia and the artist and her painting one of the boats. The artwork blends the British, Galician and Spanish flags mixing with our college logo and colours. Lia wanted to show how we are an international learning school proudly preparing for life in an evermore connected global community.

For the second design we collaborated together to create an artwork that shows the benefits and courage of creative learning through problem solving, hard work, high aspirations and unforgettable experiences. You can see the famous Rande Bridge and Faro Silleiro, as well as four paper boats heralding flags representing each house of our school, Durham, Oxford, Cambridge and York.

We would like to thank all of the students who shared their designs and ideas for the transformation of walls in our school and the staff, Santi and Jorge, who supported in the preparation of the walls and our Headteacher who helped to make this happen.

13 / 03 / 17