New teachers, new corridors, new challenges

Every September is an exciting time for the whole team at O Castro British School, and of course for Secondary teachers too. They always look forward to welcoming the new Year 7s to their classrooms, getting them used to a new routine and enthused by their specialist teachers.

Because in the British education system, Year 7 is a very important year. Although it is the last year of Primary in the Spanish system, in the British curriculum it is the first year of Secondary, the beginning of a new stage of growth and development, both academic and personal.

And although this month of September has been like no other, both students and staff at O Castro British School are used to the changes and challenges. “Although we are used to the challenges, none of us have ever been through a pandemic before, and we wondered how the students would adapt and how the teaching staff would cope with the teaching process, with the use of the masks and all the prevention measures”, explains the Deputy Head at O Castro, Mr. Hill.

We are happy to answer these questions with great success – our students have far exceeded our expectations! They have made a wonderful start to the term and the whole team is very impressed with their thirst for learning, their politeness and their kind nature.

“I have the pleasure of seeing many of the lessons that take place in Secondary. The teachers are doing an incredible job of adapting to the COVID protocols to ensure that the school is as safe as possible without compromising on quality learning,” adds Mr Hill.

21 / 09 / 20