The heat squeezed these last days in Vigo and the attendants to our Summer Camps 2017 are enjoying a lot. This year, the school offers two summer camps with a complete language immersion programme by means of sports and culture experiences. The aim of the camp is that all children have a joyful learning experience in English this summer.

The youngest – from 3 years old – have swimming as their main ally to combat the high temperatures, while children between the ages of 7 and 14 are learning surfing with a lot of style. Although the most efficient is being an impromptu water park with which they are having a lot of fun.

In addition, children at our Summer Camps are enjoying a variety of fun activities and sports such as hiking, horse riding, guided tours and school trips. There are Hama Beads, pottery, recycling, cooking and juggling workshops. They are playing football, tennis, paddle tennis, basketball or table tennis and they are having the opportunity to discover the world of horticulture and medicinal plants with our ecological classroom.

Enjoy summer at O Castro British School!

18 / 07 / 17