In the weeks before the beginning of the academic year, it is very common to ask what the classes will be like for our children, especially in the first years of schooling. At O Castro British School, we follow the British curriculum, so the promotion of critical thinking and research, collaboration as a precept and the learning of problem-solving skills- from the earliest childhood are key elements of our educational model, also in Early Years.

The stage equivalent to Early Childhood Education is key in the development of our children, both physical and cognitive and social. Therefore, we follow a teaching method specially designed so that these lifelong learners feel comfortable and safe throughout their academic training, and especially in this first stage of learning.

English is the vehicular language of our School and our students make a total linguistic immersion from the first day of School, advacing in the language learning at an amazing speed and with a beautiful accent, since all Early Years teachers are native in English. In addition, each classroom from Nursery to Y2 has a bilingual assistant who gives support at all times.

Given the undeniable fact that there are no two children alike, the OCBS curriculum is specially designed to help each child progress at their own pace and level. Some children learn visually, others listen and some kinaesthetically, through experimentation. Whatever the student’s need, OCBS has the staff, training and knowledge necessary to ensure that each and every one of them progresses at an optimal pace and in a caring environment, developing their potential to the fullest.

14 / 08 / 18