Talk for Writing

In the British education system, Key Stage 1 comprises Year 1 and Year 2, the equivalent of the last year of Infant and First Year of Primary in the Spanish curriculum. Once Early Years Foundation Stage has been passed, during this stage of Primary we work to develop positive habits that will accompany our pupils throughout their educational journey. We encourage independence, critical thinking, initiative and responsibility, as well as collective values such as cooperation, teamwork, charity, respect and tolerance.

We use the “Talk for Writing” method at least once a term for the literacy learning process. This is an approach to teaching writing that encompasses “imitation”, where students learn and internalize stories focusing on story, as well as the specific vocabulary of the subject; and in “innovation”, as children change the original story to make their own version making new characters and scenes.

The aim of this method is to improve listening skills, vocabulary, understanding of the structure and elements of a story, as well as acquiring confidence in writing. Some of the stories we work on with this method are “The Three Little Pigs”, “The Little Rabbit Foo Foo” or a new African fable “How the Elephant Got His Trunk”, which you can see in the following video.

09 / 11 / 20