A-Level Art and Design at O Castro British School

As stated in the GCE Pearson A-Level Fine Arts Guide “Fine arts require a commitment to aesthetic and intellectual concepts through the use of traditional and/or digital media, materials, techniques and processes in order to express themselves, without external limitations (…) they also allow us to consider and reflect on our place in the world, both as individuals and collectively”.

Studying the A Levels of Art and Design at O Castro British School is a unique opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge in the Fine Arts, a field sometimes unknown, but with a wide range of career opportunities. In addition, it is a perfect way to promote key skills in the British curriculum, which are very useful in today’s working environment, such as observation, analysis, research and critical thinking.

Students in the A Levels of Art and Design should develop a critical understanding of their own work and appreciate it in relation to historical and contemporary contexts, understanding how art and design relate to everything around them. They should also consider the impact of past and present world influences, cultures and traditions, particularly those that are influential in relation to technique, color, symbolism, ritual, social climate and geographic location.

In short, a complete program with very defined learning objectives and very demanding evaluation criteria that will allow them to explore their personal and cultural identity, society and the way we live, as well as to reflect on their place in the world, individually and as individual member of a global community.

These are some examples of the work presented by Year 13 students last year for the A-Levels in Art and Design. Both their artistic quality and the countless hours of study, work and effort that go into each of these works are, without a doubt, the best example of the academic and personal enrichment that comes from following the A-Levels of Art and Design at O Castro British School.

16 / 10 / 20