A healthy and balanced diet is fundamental for the correct development and physical and mental growth of children. For this reason, in O Castro British School we have a dining service with own kitchen, with menus prepared daily by a team of highly qualified professionals and supervised by dietitians.

The staff of our dining room “Eva Casal”, in memory and eternal gratitude to our beloved friend, works daily to offer more than 700 menus, specially designed by our cook to offer our students a balanced diet, with all food and nutrients needed to cope with their day-to-day energy.

In O Castro British School we also offer menus adapted for people with specific dietary needs, either for health reasons or for beliefs, as well as the option to subscribe to the “Breakfast Club” program for the early riser students.

In addition to a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet, all staff of our dining room works to achieve basic educational goals, such as promoting good manners at the table, as well as education and respect, and develop healthy eating habits .

We can not say goodbye without appreciating the magnificent work done by our kitchen team, made up of Pablo, Merchi, Ana and Inés, as well as all the staff and teachers who help us to offer the best possible food service to our students.

03 / 08 / 17