Differentiation is a key concept for the British educational model. For this reason, at O Castro British School, our teachers plan to meet the unique needs of all students. They value students’ strengths and help them to discover and handle their weaknesses in order to achieve a better academic and personal guidance.

Being aware of the fact that every child is unique, at O Castro British School we count on the presence of a British tutor and an assistant teacher in all our classrooms. Thus, we can cater for diversity in the classroom and provide our students with all the necessary tools to develop their potential.

O Castro British School provides a modern, flexible, customised, practical, fun and very visual education in order to meet the most rigorous requirement levels. This educational model is based on capacities and abilities. It fosters the investigation and an active participation of the students in order to achieve their academic excellence, that is, we create life long learners.

05 / 09 / 17