A journey through South Korea

Vigo’s first British school enjoyed its “Celebrating Differences Week”, one of our most beloved events as a community. During these days, students and teachers from all educational stages delve deeper into one of the pillars of our educational model: values education. Cooperation, charity, equity, respect and multiculturalism were some of the ideas addressed through different activities, both inside and outside the classroom.

Reception B students had the opportunity to learn a little more about South Korea from Yoonhwa, a mother of a student of this class, who wanted to share part of her culture and customs.

The children had a great time and learned many new things. They were dressed in traditional costumes, were introduced to typical dishes of the country and their main characteristics, discovered that the Korean has its own alphabet, learned some words and sang Baby Shark, a children’s song from this country.

Also, the children took away, as a souvenir, a typical South Korean cookie and posters with their names written in Korean. Thank you very much Yoonhwa for introducing us to the culture and customs of your country!

18 / 11 / 19