It is a fact: the first OCIS “Cupcakes for Solidarity” Market was a success. We want to thank all the people who made it possible. Thanks to the members of the Student Council, who organized the event. Thanks to all the dads and moms who put on their aprons and baked delicious cupcakes.

Thanks to our young chefs, whose work and imagination provided us with delicious and sweet desserts, full of colour and fantasy. Thanks to the school members, who willingly spent two hours at the stand, selling cupcakes to all the moms and dads. And of course special thanks to all of you, who came and bought these tasty cupcakes and contributed to a good cause. We raise 300 Euros which will entirely go to charity organizations…. on their behalf and ours, once again, thank you very much.

The history of these traditional American dessert dates from the late seventeenth century. They are named after the cups which were used for measuring the ingredients and as baking molds as well. Cupcakes were made with eggs, butter, flour and sugar and they soon became extremely popular in family celebrations and afternoon tea!

Nowadays the “cupcake fever” has spread out all over the World. In our city we can find specialized stores that offer us everything needed to make our own cupcakes.

And since next year we intend to repeat the experience, below are a couple of baking web sites, full of ideas and recipes so you can practice! Do you feel like?

04 / 01 / 14