With more than forty options to choose from, extracurricular activities in the first British school in Galicia constitute an essential complement to our core academic curriculum, as well as providing a welcome element of play at the end of the school day.

At O Castro British School we encourage our students to explore new areas beyond the strictly academic. We believe that each child is unique and we seek to offer our students activities that will allow them to identify their own talents and develop their skills to the fullest.

An example is the comic, manga and illustration workshop, a space to promote the artistic sensibility and creativity of our students, where they will learn to produce their own comic or to make manga drawings with different techniques.  The pursuit of art and creativity is its own reward, Ars Gratia Artis, but let us not forget the range of careers on offer in this world, not least the success of Disney, Marvel and DC film franchises!

12 / 12 / 19