Once again this year, O Castro British School cooperates actively in organising the 5th edition of the fundraising race: “Vigo Contra el Cáncer” [Vigo Against Cancer], an action that is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility policy of the school.

Needles to say that we encourage the whole educational community of O Castro British School to join us on Sunday, 22nd October, and become part of Kini’s Pit Crew in the 5th annual race: “Vigo Contra el Cáncer”.

Here is the link to sign up: http://vigocontraelcancer.es/. If you would like to be part of Kini’s Pit Crew, you should write “Kini Pit Crew” underneath the section “Club de Perfil”

You can register until 18th October!

13 / 10 / 17