The first Charity Race for Inclusion Vigo a Vela was a resounding success

Last weekend was held the first Charity Race for Inclusion “Vigo a Vela”, a pioneering initiative promoted by Mundinova Communications Consultants and supported by the ONCE Foundation, which we have not been able to join, whose main objective is to raise awareness in society about the full inclusion of people with disabilities through sports.

The Ría de Vigo was the backdrop of the day, which involved 70 persons with professional boats experienced in other sailing competitions consolidated in the Galician circuit. The crew of each of the boats was completed with people from Fundación Once, Down Vigo, Discamino, HC San Rafael – Hermanos de San Juan de Dios, Aspanaex, Fundación Amedis y el equipo de fútbol Celta Integra de la Fundación Celta de Vigo; Galician entities that works with people with intellectual or physical disabilities will be integrated into this group and with the athlete Desirée Vila, the Paralympic swimmer Chano Rodríguez, the sailor Nicolás Rodríguez, and the taekwondo fighter Lúa Piñeiro as sponsors.

In addition to seeking social inclusion through sports, the event will raised founds  for the Charity Discamino, for the acquisition of new adapted bicycles, for the Unoentrecienmil Foundation, dedicated to the investigation of childhood leukemia and give financial support to Amedis Foundation, which works to improve learning and personal and social autonomy of people with intellectual disabilities.

Thank you very much for inviting us to be part of this amazing and lovely initiative!

26 / 07 / 19