Year 1, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 students said goodbye to the academic year with a solidarity initiative with which they raised 1,360 euros for the NGO “Aulas para Malawi”. In this country in southwestern Africa, children do not have classrooms to learn, seeing their learning conditioned by the weather or the presence of dangerous animals.

If we analyse the numbers, it is frightening. According to studies carried out, 62% of adults have not finished primary school, one third of mothers cannot read and half of children born from mothers who cannot read die before reaching their fifth birthday.

We still need to build 70,000 classrooms in Malawi and thus give the option to take these children out of poverty through Education. And thanks to the magnificent initiative of our Primary students and the solidarity of their families, we have raised more than one thousand euros. In addition, as a reward for their solidarity, students could say goodbye to a new academic year at O Castro British School without their uniform.

Happy summer to everyone!

22 / 06 / 18