To celebrate “Galician literature day” and to pay homage to Rosalía de Castro, Eduardo Pondal, Alvaro Cunquiero and the star of this year, Xosé Díaz Castro, our students have carried out a variety of projects based on the lives and works of these authors.

Year 2 students wrote a story and took part in an interesting “Web Quest” about the meaning of this day. Their schoolmates in Year 3 designed an information brochure about different Galician writers. Year 4 concentrated on writing poetry….while year 5 students committed themselves to making calligrams…..Year 6 collaborated with all groups, helping them with their work and reading stories to the youngest, year 1 students.

It was a special day during which all students were able to pay homage to the great Galician writers in a very special way.

19 / 05 / 14