The curtain closes on a great week!

This week children at O Castro learnt one of life’s biggest lessons: difference is great-difference makes us stronger. Excited O Castro children from Nursery to Y8 gathered together to celebrate the end of our themed week ‘celebrating differences’.

It was a fantastic spectacle to see all children from N to Y8 sitting beautifully, listening respectfully and engaging appropriately. The intelligent and articulate responses from the children illustrated just how thought provoking they have found the week and how thoroughly they have discussed the advantages of diversity in their classes.

The assembly was attended by both the chair of governors and the director and led by the head teacher. Some highlights were a role play drama, photographs of staff and children, videos of nursery and a showreel of the student councillors all celebrating diversity!

The final piece in the jigsaw was an intricate puzzle-each piece being different from the next and representing the work from each class throughout the week. Upon the final piece being placed into the OCIS jigsaw the hall erupted into loud applause!

‘A great week’ was the reply from one child in key stage 2 and this was echoed by many others.

‘Make friends with people who aren’t your age. Make friends with people with a different belief to you. Make friends with people who speak a different language from you. This is how we learn. This is how you grow’ (Anon).

21 / 11 / 14