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Advice from our Nurses

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We are living a delicate moment regarding the evolution of the pandemic, added to which we are entry into the months of November and December, and with them the inevitable arrival of the flu. Although there are many elements that come into play, such as the luck factor, responsibility, respect and strict hygiene and protection […]

Academic results (Secondary)

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The lockdown could not tarnish the results of the IGCSE students (the secondary school examination system) who also achieved fantastic results. Congratulations to both students and teachers! Grade A* 18.7% Grade A*- A 47.1% Grade A*- B 74.2% Grade A*- C 94.2% Worthy of special note is Álvaro Morgade who was awarded with a special […]

Artistic and creative activities

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Creativity and art play a very important role in the British curriculum, a key elements for the personal, cognitive and social development of children, which foster imagination and creativity, and work great as a channeler and transmitter of the emotions. For this reason, in addition to occupying a significant space in our curriculum, O Castro […]

School Trips

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Y3 and Y5 students of O Castro British School made a fantastic trip this week aboard the Nautilus, a boat equipped with the latest technology with which they felt like authentic marine explorers. In its journey through the Ría de Vigo, our Primary students enjoyed an unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful places […]

NACE Olympic Games 2019

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Last week, O Castro British School hosted the seventh edition of the NACE Olympic Games, a sports competition of the NACE Schools group that brought together more than 150 schoolchildren between 11 and 14 years old from fifteen schools from Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Andorra and Portugal. The competition was developed by teams composed […]


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Reception had the great pleasure of going on a trip to Vigo Zoo last week. They were shown around and given lots of information by a Zoo guide and had a fantastic time learning about the different animals, where they live and what they eat. We had this special day as we are using the […]

II School Debate Event

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After the success of its first edition, the II School Debate Event is already underway, a tournament that will promote the dialectic capacity of children, their oratory and their argumentation skills. This second edition, the event is loaded with new features that will undoubtedly make us enjoy this fantastic exhibition even more. The main novelty […]

Student Guidance Services

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Year 10 students of O Castro British School visited last week the fifth edition of Feira das Ensinanzas Artísticas e Profesionais de  Vigo, celebrated at the Auditorio Mar de Vigo. Attendees could learn about different trades related to hairdressing, fashion design, jewelry and hospitality, among others, through the ‘stands’ of different schools of formation in […]


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Last weekend, Club de Campo de Vigo hosted the second cycle of the Galician Youth Paddle Championship, a fantastic initiative supported by the Galician Federation of Paddle and promoted by the school’s padel monitor that allowed Galician children from alevin to junior categories enjoy this competition. O Castro British School was represented in this event […]

Sky Trip

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Our Year 6 and Year 7 students enjoyed this week a few days of sport, fun and coexistence in Valgrande-Pajares ski resort, with the sun and companionship as protagonists. During these days, the youngest students of Secondary School lived an enriching experience in which they will be able to develop their autonomy, independence and responsibility. […]

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