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Discovering our curriculum: Art and Design

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As stated in the GCE Pearson A-Level Fine Arts Guide “Fine arts require a commitment to aesthetic and intellectual concepts through the use of traditional and/or digital media, materials, techniques and processes in order to express themselves, without external limitations (…) they also allow us to consider and reflect on our place in the world, […]

Discovering our curriculum: Science at Sixth Form

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One of the pillars of British education and mantras of O Castro British School is the promotion of research and critical thinking at all educational stages. It is a way of understanding teaching and learning process in which, although the acquisition of knowledge occupies an important place, the priority is always the practical application of […]

Head Students 2020/2021

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This year it was extremely hard to select Head Students due to the high number and exceptional quality of the applications. We have now made the choices and are proud to introduce you to our Head Students. They will act as ambassadors for the school and help us to make the school even better than […]

First year of Secondary

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Every September is an exciting time for the whole team at O Castro British School, and of course for Secondary teachers too. They always look forward to welcoming the new Year 7s to their classrooms, getting them used to a new routine and enthused by their specialist teachers. Because in the British education system, Year […]


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The first British school in Galicia and the only one to teach all the educational stages in the British system, from 3 to 18 years old, is one more week of congratulations. After the magnificent results obtained by the first promotion of Graduates of O Castro British School, with an average mark of 11.5 out […]

University Access

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The first graduating class of O Castro British School obtains exceptional results in the University entrance exams, with an average mark of 11.5 points out of 14, and presenting all of its students. These academic results confirm not only the quality of the educational project of the first British school in the city -and the […]


Academic News

One of the most important aspects of learning to read and write in English is the Phonics method, which is used at O Castro British School from the first school year (3 years). This method, the Phonics method, teaches the sounds of words and their relationship to how a word is spelt. It is a […]


News Values

As usual in this dates, O Castro British School turns to the most disadvantaged through different charity initiatives that highlight the commitment and involvement of the entire educational community. From here, we truly thank you for your collaboration and the values ​​that we are promoting among our students. One more year, the HOPE Campaign (Help […]


Extracurricular Activities News

With more than forty options to choose from, extracurricular activities in the first British school in Galicia constitute an essential complement to our core academic curriculum, as well as providing a welcome element of play at the end of the school day. At O Castro British School we encourage our students to explore new areas […]

Rugby Tournament

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On November 2nd the grounds of the CUVI will host  the X International Cidade de Vigo Children’s Rugby Tournament, which this year will be renamed the O Castro British School Rugby Cup. The event will host more than 400 players between 4 and 11 years of age from Spain and Portugal. The competition, promoted and organized by […]

Back to School

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As every September, we begin a new academic year with great enthusiasm and illusion, but this year we have an additional joy: we welcome a new academic year with the incorporation of Year 13 to our educational offer, the equivalent of 2nd of Baccalaureate in the Spanish curriculum. In this way, what was the first […]

Infant Education

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At O Castro British School we follow the education system of the United Kingdom, a curriculum specially designed to provide students with an understanding of the current world and the great challenges of the 21st century, with personalization and the promotion of research and critical thinking. as key pieces of your educational project from the […]

Nursery Parents

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Next September we will start a new Academic Year, and for some of our families it will be a very special moment: the first day of school for 3 year olds. It is a very special moment in your lives, and a great step for your children, so we leave you a series of tips […]

Sports sponsorship

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The first British school in Galicia, O Castro British School, joins one more year to the sponsorship of one of the classic sport events of the Vigo summer’s, the Genaro Borrás Memorial, which this year celebrates its twelfth edition. In the present edition more than 240 players from all over Galicia participated, including youth categories, […]

Sports and charity sponsorship

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We are pleased to inform you that O Castro British School joins the I Charity Race for Inclusion “Vigo a Vela”, a pioneering initiative whose main objective is to raise awareness in society about the full inclusion of people with disabilities through sports. The race will be held on July 20th in the Ría de […]

Jewel Design

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The Mother of Marta Alvarez Sanduende in Year 6 received a fantastic gift from her daughter for Mother´s day this year – specially designed jewelry for her by her daughter! ´Design a jewel for your Mother for Mother´s Day´ is organised by Colexio Oficial de Xoialia de Galicia.  Students from Year 4 to 6 in our college carefully and […]

An “influencer” in our classrooms

Academic News

One of the main assets in O Castro British School is the teaching staff, a great team of professionals trained to educate and teach our students, not only through the Curriculum but also sharing moments and experiences that make us all a little bit better. For this reason, today the school and the entire teaching […]

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