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III School Debate Meet – Finalists

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O Castro British School promoted for third consecutive year the III School Debate Meet, which was held last weekend in online modality. The event was the last day of the School Debate League, organized by the Asociación Club de Oratoria y Debate Escolar (CODE), sponsored by WEDU Sociedad&Educación, O Castro British School and with the […]

Academic sponsorship

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Once again, O Castro British School is hosting and sponsoring the 3rd School Debate Meet organized by the Association of Public Speaking and Debate (CODE) with the collaboration of WEDU Society & Education. This year, due to the particular circumstances we are living through, the event will take place online. In order to enjoy the […]

Easter Challenges

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This Easter was different for everyone. Because of this, Globeducate launched a series of “Easter Challenges” aimed at the whole educational community, in order to provide fun activities for the whole family and also helping to minimize the time in front of screens. There were five challenges: Lego Challenge, Our WWF Planet Challenge, Extreme Reading […]


Extracurricular Activities News

With more than forty options to choose from, extracurricular activities in the first British school in Galicia constitute an essential complement to our core academic curriculum, as well as providing a welcome element of play at the end of the school day. At O Castro British School we encourage our students to explore new areas […]

Academic Activities

Extracurricular Activities

We started a new academic year with our personal and academic goals renewed. Every year, more and more students feel the need to improve their ability to speak in public and decide to try with our extracurricular Public Speaking and Debating activity. Once they start they feel caught up in the power of the spoken […]

ECA Festival

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At the end of May, our rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, Spanish dance pupils and the ukulele band, celebrated our school’s traditional ECA Festival in the Auditorio Municipal of the Concello de Vigo, where they could shoe their parents everything they learned throughout the academic year. The ukulele band performed a mini-concert that lasted half an hour, […]

Rugby grows at OCBS

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The practice of rugby is consolidated among the students of O Castro British School through an extra-curricular that each academic year gains more followers. The activity, aimed at students of Y2 and Y3 as well as students from Y4 to Y6, allows an introduction to a traditionally British sport, whose origin goes back to the […]

The Children’s Oratory Workshop

Academic Extracurricular Activities

They are just 8 and 9 years old, they attend the last years of primary school but they are very clear about it: they want to learn to defend their ideas and to speak in public. And that is the objective of TOI, the Children’s Oratory Workshop that has started this academic year and with […]

Welcome to our Book&Reading Club

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Among the novelties of our ECA’s offer for this academic year we highlight our Book&Reading Club. In this activitie children will be reading altogether and one on one with a teacher. Afterwards, we will have short activities based upon books that we have read, such as author studies, funny scavenger hunts and phonics based activities. […]

OCBS adds horse riding to its ECA’s offer

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At O Castro British School we consider that extracurricular activities are an essential complement to curricular education and that they should be a playful and enjoyable component that encourages students to explore other areas of life different from academics. And this is an example of one of the novelties of the ECA’s offer for this […]

Extracurricular Activities Festival

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The students at O Castro British School held last Saturday their traditional Extra Curricular Activities Festival, where they could show their parents and peers what they had learned during this school year in their chosen activity. The school’s ukulele group and its rock band were in charge of opening the festival and introduce an incredible […]

Confectioners with style

Extracurricular Activities

Our boys and girls from the Cooking Club, the ECA which, together with Gardening, is offered to students from Y3 to Y6 once a week, put their aprons on to face a very funny challenge: to celebrate a confectionery contests similar to Master Chef. They enjoyed themselves a lot, learnt even more and made some […]

Boosting Creativity With Lego®

Extracurricular Activities

At O Castro British School, we know that extracurricular activities are highly beneficial for the performance of our students. Extracurricular activities help students to organise their free time, they contribute to their education and allow students to develop social and cognitive skills. Besides, students are able to bond with classmates who have similar interests. From […]

Art & Craft for Reception Students

Extracurricular Activities

At O Castro British School we believe that every child is unique and has its own identity. Every individual is born with a different talent. An example of this is the work carried out by our reception students at the Art & Craft workshop. Art & Craft is a new extracurricular activity intended to bring […]

Designing And 3D Printing, Programming And Using Applications: A New Extracurricular Activity For Secondary Students

Extracurricular Activities

O Castro British School introduced videogame programming lessons among the range of extracurricular activities last year. This year, we have taken a step forward in cutting-edge technology with the Maker 3D&Apps workshop. The Maker 3D&Apps workshop is a new extracurricular activity aimed at secondary school students – from Y7 to Y11, both included. Thanks to […]

Aloha… Now Also Up To Y4!

Academic Extracurricular Activities

In previous years, the extracurricular activity “Aloha”, learning arithmetic by using an abacus, was only aimed at the younger students in the school. However, from this school year onwards, our students will be able to enjoy this brilliant activity up to Y4. Aloha trainings are fun sessions specially designed to awaken children’s curiosity and encourage […]

Surfing: A New Extracurricular Activity at O Castro British School

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A new school year begins at O Castro British School and, again this year, the school has expanded its programme of extracurricular activities. One of the new activities is surfing, which broadens the range of sports offered to students. Thanks to this activity, which is highly rooted in our area, our students from Y4 and […]

A Full House at Valladares Auditorium for O Castro British School Extracurricular Activities Festival

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Last Saturday, O Castro British School Extracurricular Activities Festival was held at the auditorium of Valladares Cultural Centre. Family and friends packed the auditorium in order to see the performance of our young artists. This year’s festival was very varied. There was a little bit of live music thanks to Uke & the Leles and […]

Research, Public Speaking And Debate At O Castro British School

Extracurricular Activities

The importance of communication as a social skill is unquestionable. For this reason, O Castro British School is offering Research, Public Speaking and Debate as an extracurricular activity to its students this year. This activity provides the opportunity to learn not only public speaking skills but also to foster skills such as creativity, empathy, research […]

Artistic and creative extracurricular activities

Extracurricular Activities

O Castro British School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities to its students. These activities complete the School Curriculum and aim at showing and stimulating the artistic and creative skills of our students. Among these activities we offer Music and Movement, Ballet, Spanish Dance, Musical Theatre or Ukulele lessons, but this year we also […]

New Workshops for O Castro British School Students

Extracurricular Activities

As we announced some days ago, O Castro British School has extended its range of extracurricular activities for its students, offering a wide variety of options with an element of play and fun in order to encourage our students to explore other fields, which may be very different from their academic day. Among these extracurricular […]

Photography Workshop at O Castro British School

Culture Extracurricular Activities

O Castro British School has extended its range of extracurricular activities for this academic year with the addition of a photography workshop aimed at KS3. The aim of this workshop is to provide secondary students with the instruments and knowledge that are necessary to enter the world of photography as a fun and creative means […]

O Castro British School Rock Band

Culture Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are a key complement for the academic curriculum at O Castro British School. For this reason, this year, we have decided to expand the programme of extracurricular activities for all educational stages. Among the news for this school year, we find the rock band, which is an activity addressed to students from year […]

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