Last Friday, 13th of February – as it is becoming a tradition in our school around this time of the year – we celebrated Carnival.

During the celebration our students highlighted their originality when choosing a costume: children´s books characters, masks and fancy dresses, Princesses, fairies, animals, pirates, cowboys and cowgirls, Indians, Jedi knights, fire fighters, soldiers and doctors, cheerleaders, disco dancers, and monsters…

The day continued with a colorful parade: an explosion of music, excitement and imagination.

Finally a Costume Contest was celebrated among our staff, organized by our Student Council. The winner this year was our dear Secretary, Flori, who was wearing an original “troglodyte” costume.

The day ended with great joy and satisfaction… sweetened with a typical carnival dessert: “Orellas de Entroido”


17 / 02 / 15