During Science week, as well as the many other activities carried out, a valued member of our PTA, Javier Martínez, kindly offered his time to give some talks to our students. One by one he visited each of our classes and dazzled both children and adults with the story of “Dr.Pau, Adventurer”.

“The story of vaccines” was the topic chosen for secondary students. Just as our brave presenter entered the classroom to begin his talk he was met with a voice telling him “yes, vaccines….we’ve just studied them”. Without hesitation Javier recovered from the initial surprise and improvised successfully by dealing with the topics of: antibiotics, virus & bacteria mutation mechanisms, bacteria in the digestive system, e-coli, types of gangrene……The students listened carefully, some took notes, others handled the toy “bacteria” that Javier had brought along…..The class flew by and nobody wanted it to finish.

Thank you so much Javier for sharing your time and knowledge with us! Thank you to all the wonderful parents who are part of our school community and who generously help us and contribute to the day by day improvement of our school.

10 / 02 / 14