Creative Arts

Creative Arts form another essential part of the all-round education of students at O Castro British School. Arts subjects provide a powerful vehicle via which our students can develop their creative and imaginative talents, express their emotions and share their personal vision of the world.

Participation in creative processes, both individually and in groups, allows children to discover new ways of expressing themselves, share work with their peer group and appreciate work created by others. Creative Arts enable our students to become more aware of the world around them, observing, understanding and interpreting their surroundings in different ways and connecting with the imaginative, creative and expressive elements of their personality.

Art as a learning tool fosters creativity, self-discipline and self-expression, and encourages reflective and critical thinking. Arts subjects provide a vehicle by which students can express their feelings, but can also help them to develop strategies to overcome obstacles or difficulties in other areas of their lives. Art stimulates intellectual and creative talent, strengthens communication skills and provides an outlet for positive self-expression.

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