Technological innovation

We believe that a confident command of technology is now essential to allow our students to successfully embrace future academic and professional challenges. At O Castro British School technology forms an integral part of daily life and offers innumerable educational benefits. Students learn how to code, generating numerous problem-solving opportunities and encouraging pupils to think creatively and take control of their own learning.  New technologies provide a multitude of teaching and learning resources, and the technological skills acquired are now fundamental to many of the professions to which our students aspire. We believe that it is therefore essential that we teach our pupils how to understand these technologies and use them safely and effectively.

Computer Science

Computer Science forms part of the curriculum at O Castro British School from Early Years to the end of Secondary. Throughout Early Years and Primary, pupils are introduced to the learning opportunities offered by programming and coding and discover how the software and applications that we use in our daily lives are developed. Students are encouraged to embrace and explore the infinite possibilities offered by today’s new technologies and to understand the role that technology could play in their future professional lives.


Creative Technology

Creativity forms an essential part of the curriculum at O Castro British School, and technology is used as one of the means by which our students can develop and explore their creative skills. Robotics is offered as an extracurricular activity where students learn to program robots to perform a variety of tasks, enabling students to combine technological and scientific skills with creative, decision-making and problem-solving challenges.


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