Special Eduactional Needs Department

Our Special Eduactional Needs Department is composed of an interdisciplinary team in which two psychologists (educational-health and clinical neuropsychologist), a pedagogue and a specialist in hearing and language work.

The department works closely with students, their families, external professionals and teachers to adapt resources to the needs of each student in a coordinated way.

At O Castro British School, the Special Eduactional Needs Department performs its functions throughout all the educational stages, taking into account the essential aspects to be considered in each one. Among these functions are orientation in teaching and learning processes, attention to diversity, professional orientation, guidance for prevention and personal development.

Personalised attention for every student

The personalized attention to the students is one of the bases of the Guidance Department.

The functioning of this department is always coordinated with the management team and the teaching staff, and its intervention can be based on the demands of the teaching staff, students and / or family.

Whenever any guiding action is proposed, either one-to-one or in groups, it is communicated to the families and, according to the procedure, it is requested the completion of the corresponding consents for the psychopedagogical evaluations, as well as to carry out psychopedagogical interventions by the specialists of the DO. Families have the right to request reports to the DO when it intervenes and in any case, a psychopedagogical report is provided once it has been prepared.

A fundamental point is obeying the Data Protection Law (RGPD and new LOPD) and having respect for confidentiality.

Attention to diversity and psychological evaluation

At O Castro Bristish School, education is understood from an inclusive point of view and work is carried out to prevent, detect and respond to any difficulty that students may encounter throughout the learning process.

The diversity of students is understood as a value, and all students have the right to recognize the educational needs that derive from their own diversity. It is also understood that any student may experience difficulties at some time, so that education is organized to provide the relevant help to the people who need it at the necessary time.

In the Department, diagnostic and psychopedagogical assessments are carried out as a preliminary step to the design of individualized guidelines and interventions.


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