At O Castro British School, our aim is for every student to learn and progress. To this end, students are encouraged to participate actively in class, develop critical and analytical thinking skills, learn to work effectively as part of a team, debate thoughtfully and respectfully, experiment, and work hard and productively to achieve their goals. As they progress through the school, students are taught how to take responsibility for their own learning in preparation for life beyond the school gates. We believe that school is just the first step on a learning journey that should last a lifetime.

Motivation and Challenge

Students learn most effectively when they feel motivated and appropriately challenged by their work, and thanks to our excellent teaching staff, our students are exposed to a wide range of stimulating, innovative and interactive learning experiences. In the science laboratories our pupils are taught objective, scientific, critical and analytical skills and around the school they develop a sense of environmental responsibility and respect for nature. Cultural and sporting outings provide opportunities to learn art, history, culture and to acquire a better knowledge and understanding of the world around them.


Focusing on the Individual

Our teachers use their skills, experience and all of the resources available to them to ensure that every student is able to fulfil their maximum potential. We employ a wide variety of teaching and learning strategies to help every student progress, including project work, direct instruction, research, development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and extensive use of new technologies.


Cooperative Learning

Teamwork is the basis of cooperative learning, which is why communication and social interaction forms part of our students’ daily life and is a key factor in their all-round development. Working in groups and teams helps our student to develop skills such as empathy, cooperation, leadership and how to work together to achieve one’s goals; skills that are frequently required in the world of work.


Critical thinking

At O Castro British School, we encourage our students to “learn how to learn”, helping them to think critically and independently and to work towards achieving academic confidence and self-sufficiency from Early Years onwards. Throughout all stages of their education, students learn to investigate, analyse, evaluate and create, instilling a sense of intellectual curiosity and the ability to cultivate and develop their own ideas both in and outside the classroom.


Evaluation and feedback for learning

The student evaluation process is constantly evolving at O Castro British School, and we believe that effective evaluation is key to effective teaching and learning. Teachers use a wide variety of techniques to assess student progress, including correcting tasks, classroom observation, student tutorials and analysis of students’ work. The feedback acquired during these processes allows teachers to identify appropriate next steps for each student’s learning pathway and to adapt teaching and learning strategies to ensure maximum academic success for each child.



“I have worked in Year 1 for the past four years and find that every day is a new and exciting adventure. The children enter the classroom every morning curious, adventurous and eager to learn. They never cease to amaze me with their adaptability, creativity and curiosity. I continue to be in awe of their ability to switch from language to language, even at such a young age.

At O Castro the children are given so many amazing opportunities and some of our favourite things to do is to visit the beautiful library or go on educational and topic linked trips such as visiting pirate ships and helping to protect our beaches by picking up plastic.

All of the staff at O Castro are dedicated to providing the best possible learning environment for the children and always completely support each other.”

Jo Broughton

Class Teacher Year 1

“O Castro takes us on journeys that help us discover things about ourselves, each other and the world around us. I am a teacher in my fourth year in Year 3, Coordinator and also a mother of two children (one in Primary, the other in Secondary).

My experiences at this vibrant, progressive school have led myself and my family to experience unforgettable moments, live and learn in a stunning location and meet a diverse selection of teachers and students from around the world.

I see my own children, my class and my previous classes thriving and flourishing academically in a linguistically diverse environment. The children of O Castro are fluid and flexible thinkers, curious and ready to take the next step and eager to see where it leads them. Together staff, parents and children support each other to ensure that the students receive a unique education full of opportunities. It is a pleasure to guide the children, helping them navigate on their educational journey – The O Castro Way.”

Sarah Hill

Year 3 Class Teacher and Lower Key Stage Coordinator

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