British Education and Our Core Principles

An introduction to the British Education system

The British education system is recognised and respected throughout the world for its quality. The UK’s National Curriculum aims to meet the individual needs of every student and offers a broad and balanced curriculum with exposure to a wide range of stimulating and motivating learning experiences. Teaching methods are differentiated to guarantee progress for every student and regular evaluation enables teachers to identify individual areas of strength and weakness and to adapt the student’s learning programme accordingly. The curriculum is carefully conceived to support, guide and educate every child, helping them to achieve their full academic and personal potential.

Educational excellence is a key element of the British system and this ideal extends beyond purely academic achievement. The British curriculum encourages young people to interact with and explore the world around them, to think independently and form their own points of view, and to respect and communicate intelligently with others. Students are taught how to solve problems, how to work effectively as part of a team and how to think critically and creatively, essential skills that they will take with them into the workplace. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom; cultural events, activities and trips form an integral part of the curriculum, and pupils are encouraged to engage in work experience, and to become socially responsible and ethically aware individuals.

O Castro British School is a British school located outside the United Kingdom delivering the National Curriculum of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The system uses standard assessment methods, which include regular testing in reading, writing and comprehension, teacher assessment and reports, official SAT (Standard Assessment Tests) and University of Cambridge examinations, and the combination of these assessment methods provide an ongoing evaluation tool for each child. Based upon the outcomes of structured and continuous assessment, teachers are able to adapt teaching and learning processes to suit the needs of each child and to maximise individual performance.

The British National Curriculum is based on a series of academic and cognitive objectives known as Key Stages, and pupil achievement at each Key Stage is evaluated through standardised tests. The academic courses culminate with pupils sitting the General Certificate of Secondary Education examinations at aged 16, and A-Levels at aged 18; these qualifications are extremely highly thought of within the international community and are accepted as entry qualifications at the best universities in the world.

At O Castro British School, in addition to the British National Curriculum we also teach the following subjects: Galician and Spanish Language and Culture (taught in Castilian Spanish).

Core Principles

Our educational programme is based on four core principles that are common to all Globeducate: Educational Excellence, Global Readiness, (including linguistic immersion), More than just a School and an Education in Values. These core principles form the foundation of our ideology: to prepare our students to live a happy and successful life in today’s globalised society.

We believe that Educational Excellence is achieved by helping our students to identify and develop their individual skills, and by employing innovative teaching methods within a supportive and structured learning environment. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers are committed to ensuring that all our students acquire the tools that they need to achieve their full academic potential. Students are supported by cutting edge technology and excellent facilities, all designed to ensure that they enjoy a stimulating and enriching educational experience.

Our second core principle is GlobIal Readiness. Competence in language is a key factor in preparing our students for life in today’s global community and our students are immersed in the English language from their very first day at O Castro British School. We also offer Spanish, French and Galician as part of the main curriculum, taught by highly qualified native and bilingual language teachers.

Our students sit internationally recognised examinations, including Cambridge IGCSE and A-level. Global Readiness also implies an awareness and understanding of global issues, and so much of our curricular content takes an international perspective. Additionally, the Globeducate Group organises a wide range of exchange programmes, international events and activities throughout the academic year, providing our students with the opportunity to meet, share experiences, exchange points of view and forge friendships with Globeducate students from all over the world.

Our third core principle is that we are More than just a School, and that we provide our students with an extensive range of enriching opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. We believe that sport, music and the arts are essential for the development of well-rounded, well-educated individuals, and these subjects play an important role in complementing our academic curriculum.

Our fourth core principle involves the provision of an Education in Values and this fundamental philosophy underpins all the work that we do at the school. We aim to instil in each child a system of personal values including respect, tolerance, compassion, commitment and a sense of social and personal responsibility, which they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Educational Excellence

Our teachers are trained to embrace innovative teaching and learning strategies to ensure that every student feels that they are making good progress and achieving their academic goals. Teachers can access the latest technology in every classroom to assist them in their work, and our students get to enjoy the best facilities, resources and academic support available. At O Castro British school, we aim to create a perfect learning environment.

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Global Readiness

Students at O Castro British School quickly master the English language as a result of full linguistic immersion from day one. Spanish, French and Galician also form part of the curriculum and students learn language in a natural, cumulative way via innovative teaching techniques and stimulating tasks. Students sit internationally recognised examinations and, thanks to the Globeducate group, participate in a range of international events which contribute to their academic, social and cultural development and prepare them for a truly international future.

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More than just a School

Music, Creative Arts and Sport play an integral part of the curriculum from Early Years (at 3 years old) to Sixth Form (aged 18), and form a vital aspect of our students’ all-round education. These subjects allow students to excel in areas above and beyond the traditional academic curriculum and help them to develop fundamental skills such as abstract reasoning, critical thinking, sensitivity, self-expression, creative and expressive skills, self-discipline, physical aptitude, an awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, teamwork and cooperation.

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A Values-Based Education

A clear set of values underpins all the work that we do at O Castro British School, and our intention is to educate young people who leave us wanting to make the world a better place. We strive to ensure that our students go out into the world with a strong ethical foundation, a sense of respect for themselves and for others, with tolerance, self-discipline and a sense of personal and social responsibility.

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“After teaching English in the UK for three years, I wanted to broaden my experience to the international field and it became clear very quickly that O Castro was the school for me. I was drawn to the family-oriented, community feel that the school fosters where each individual is known by name and appreciated for the unique qualities which they can offer. 

O Castro not only met, but exceeded my expectations – especially where its wonderful students are concerned! I wanted to work in a place where students feel like their opinion matters and will make a difference; our school provides the ideal setting for our enthusiastic young people to have their voices heard.  Students at O Castro learn to work hard for what they want to achieve, and they do this with the continued support of a wealth of fantastic teachers who always have their students’ best interests at heart.”

Olivia McCombe

Head of English

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