A group of families from O Castro British School took part in the beach clean-up campaign “1 metro cuadrado por las playas y los mares 2017” [1 square metre to help our beaches and seas 2017]. This campaign is led by the Spanish Ornithological Society, BirdLife and ECOEMBES.

Through this campaign, which belongs to the LIBERA project and is organised by the school PTA, our students and their parents were able to become scientists for a day. Almost 100 kg of litter were collected. This litter will be analysed in order to get information on the compositions and constitutions. The results, which will be added to MAPAMA database, will allow obtaining scientific data that can help to determine the environmental impact of the waste strewn on our beaches.

Let us give a big hand to those who took part in this fantastic initiative! Thanks for devoting a little bit of your time in order to make our world a better place!

19 / 10 / 17