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Multicultural Events

Academic Events

Year 10 students of O Castro British School are taking part this week in the “Youth Leadership Encounter”, organized by the International Schools Association (ISA) at Agora Lledó International School in Castellón, a member of the NACE Schools group. This is the most important youth leadership event in Europe. Now in its seventh edition, this event brings […]

Charity Sponsorship

Events Values

The two NACE schools in Galicia, O Castro British School and Coruña British School, join forces this year with a new charity through their sponsorship of the III Carrera Gallega de Correpasillos, which will be held next Sunday October 27 in Hall 3 of the IFEVI, at 11.00. As well as being a great cause […]

Academic Activities

Extracurricular Activities

We started a new academic year with our personal and academic goals renewed. Every year, more and more students feel the need to improve their ability to speak in public and decide to try with our extracurricular Public Speaking and Debating activity. Once they start they feel caught up in the power of the spoken […]

Vigo Race against Cancer

Events Sports Values

On Sunday, October 20, 2019 at 10am will be held the seventh edition of the Vigo Race against Cancer, which once again has the support of our school. The purpose is to raise funds for research projects with a local presence. On this occasion, the fundraising will go to the Oktopus project, a multidisciplinary team […]

Artistic and creative activities

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Creativity and art play a very important role in the British curriculum, a key elements for the personal, cognitive and social development of children, which foster imagination and creativity, and work great as a channeler and transmitter of the emotions. For this reason, in addition to occupying a significant space in our curriculum, O Castro […]

Back to School

Academic News

As every September, we begin a new academic year with great enthusiasm and illusion, but this year we have an additional joy: we welcome a new academic year with the incorporation of Year 13 to our educational offer, the equivalent of 2nd of Baccalaureate in the Spanish curriculum. In this way, what was the first […]

New Academic Year


There is nothing left for that day that so many nerves and illusion has generated in recent weeks, especially the smallest of the house. The first day of school is a very special day, especially for Nursery students and families. In order to make it as easy as possible for everyone, we leave you some […]

Infant Education

Academic News

At O Castro British School we follow the education system of the United Kingdom, a curriculum specially designed to provide students with an understanding of the current world and the great challenges of the 21st century, with personalization and the promotion of research and critical thinking. as key pieces of your educational project from the […]

Nursery Parents

News Parents Education

Next September we will start a new Academic Year, and for some of our families it will be a very special moment: the first day of school for 3 year olds. It is a very special moment in your lives, and a great step for your children, so we leave you a series of tips […]

English Summer Camp

Summer Camp

More than 200 kids enoyed since last 24th of June of our English Summer Camp, an opportunity for full immersion in the English language via a complete programme of sports, workshops, activities and cultural experiences. Our Summer programmes were specifically designed for all children aged between 3 and 14 and were open to children from […]

Charity Sponsorship

Sports Values

Last weekend was held the first Charity Race for Inclusion “Vigo a Vela”, a pioneering initiative promoted by Mundinova Communications Consultants and supported by the ONCE Foundation, which we have not been able to join, whose main objective is to raise awareness in society about the full inclusion of people with disabilities through sports. The […]

Sports sponsorship

Events News Sports

The first British school in Galicia, O Castro British School, joins one more year to the sponsorship of one of the classic sport events of the Vigo summer’s, the Genaro Borrás Memorial, which this year celebrates its twelfth edition. In the present edition more than 240 players from all over Galicia participated, including youth categories, […]

Sports and charity sponsorship

News Sports Values

We are pleased to inform you that O Castro British School joins the I Charity Race for Inclusion “Vigo a Vela”, a pioneering initiative whose main objective is to raise awareness in society about the full inclusion of people with disabilities through sports. The race will be held on July 20th in the Ría de […]


Trips and exchanges

Y9 students of O Castro British School enjoyed a few days of leisure and culture in the capital of Spain to celebrate the end of this academic year. During the visit, our boys and girls visited the Science Museum, the Planetarium and the Europa Park. They also toured the Madrid of the Austrias and the […]


Trips and exchanges

Our Year 10 said goodbye to this academic year with a trip to Portugal with which they could discover some of the most emblematic places of our neighboring country. A few days with an agenda full of leisure and culture in which they could also share unforgettable moments with their colleagues. They visited Coimbra, home […]

Year 11 Graduation

Academic Events

Last week, Year 11 students celebrated their Secondary Ceremony ceremony in the presence of their parents. Carmen Vazquez (Founder), Nathan Parry (Head teacher), Maria Guyre (Assistant Head teacher and form tutor of Year 11) and Mike Cox (KS4 Co-ordinator) All gave a short speech congratulating this year group for all their hard work and enthusiasm, […]

School Trips

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Y3 and Y5 students of O Castro British School made a fantastic trip this week aboard the Nautilus, a boat equipped with the latest technology with which they felt like authentic marine explorers. In its journey through the Ría de Vigo, our Primary students enjoyed an unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful places […]

School Integration Week

Trips and exchanges

O Castro British School Y6 students said goodbye to the last year of Primary with the traditional “School Integration Week”, a trip to Ireland with which they were able to learn about the culture and landscapes of Ireland. During this week, our students made many excursions to the most emblematic locations in the country, such […]

Sports sponsorship

Sports Values

Last weekend was held the last test of the Equestrian Social League of C.H. El Alazán 2018/2019, a competition organized by the club and that since the last academic year has the support of O Castro British School. This competition is mainly directed to the quarry of the club, to give them the opportunity to […]

NACE Olympic Games 2019

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Last week, O Castro British School hosted the seventh edition of the NACE Olympic Games, a sports competition of the NACE Schools group that brought together more than 150 schoolchildren between 11 and 14 years old from fifteen schools from Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Andorra and Portugal. The competition was developed by teams composed […]

Year 6 Graduation

Academic Events

The first British School of Galicia celebrated last 7th of the traditional Graduation Ceremony of Year 6. It is a very important event in the British educational system that indicates the change of educational stage, from Primary to Secondary, symbolized by Presentation of ties. Mari Carmen Vázquez, founder of the first British school in the […]

NACE Olympic Games 2019

Events Sports

The first British school in Galicia hosts this week the seventh edition of the NACE Olympic Games, a sports competition that since 2012 takes place in the different educational centers of the NACE Schools group distributed throughout the European territory. In this edition, the event will feature eight sports and more than 400 students from […]

Sport Day

Sports Values

Last week, Early Years and KS1 students celebrated the Sport Day, a typical event in British schools, both in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. With this event, we want to put in value the weight of sport in our educational project, as well as the promotion of important values such as […]

ECA Festival

Events Extracurricular Activities

At the end of May, our rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, Spanish dance pupils and the ukulele band, celebrated our school’s traditional ECA Festival in the Auditorio Municipal of the Concello de Vigo, where they could shoe their parents everything they learned throughout the academic year. The ukulele band performed a mini-concert that lasted half an hour, […]

Jewel Design

Awards and Competitions News

The Mother of Marta Alvarez Sanduende in Year 6 received a fantastic gift from her daughter for Mother´s day this year – specially designed jewelry for her by her daughter! ´Design a jewel for your Mother for Mother´s Day´ is organised by Colexio Oficial de Xoialia de Galicia.  Students from Year 4 to 6 in our college carefully and […]


Academic Sin categoría Trips and exchanges

Reception had the great pleasure of going on a trip to Vigo Zoo last week. They were shown around and given lots of information by a Zoo guide and had a fantastic time learning about the different animals, where they live and what they eat. We had this special day as we are using the […]

School Trip

Trips and exchanges

Year 8 recently had the opportunity to visit Bouzas and see the operations of Citroen. This is part of a unit of work that they have just completed about Industrial Location. The pupils were luck enough to have a tour of the port facilities and visit the silo where thousands of new cars are stored. […]

University Orientation


Last week, our Year 11 students visited Vigo University to know the different faculties of the campus, as well as the different degrees offered by the university. Our students attended several lectures on University Orientation, enjoyed demonstrations in the laboratories and met the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Jorge Falagán. We hope you have […]

School Trips

Academic Trips and exchanges

Last week,  Year 4 students of O Castro British School enjoyed an original history class in a unique environment, San Simón Island. They could learn a lot about the past of one of the most beautiful enclaves in the Ría de Vigo. The visit began at the Meirande museum. From there, the children enjoyed a guided […]

Sing With Us!

Awards and Competitions

Last week O Castro British School held the big final of the fifth “Sing With Us Contest”, an event that once again had a very good acceptance among our students, with the participation of 40 groups and about 80 Primary children and around 20 groups and 40 of Secondary. The final of Primary, more hard-fought […]

II School Debate Event

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After the success of its first edition, the II School Debate Event is already underway, a tournament that will promote the dialectic capacity of children, their oratory and their argumentation skills. This second edition, the event is loaded with new features that will undoubtedly make us enjoy this fantastic exhibition even more. The main novelty […]

Student Guidance Services

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Year 10 students of O Castro British School visited last week the fifth edition of Feira das Ensinanzas Artísticas e Profesionais de  Vigo, celebrated at the Auditorio Mar de Vigo. Attendees could learn about different trades related to hairdressing, fashion design, jewelry and hospitality, among others, through the ‘stands’ of different schools of formation in […]

II School Debate Meeting

Communication Events

After the success of its first edition, the II Meeting School Debate is already being organized and, in this second edition, is loaded with news. The main novelty is that the children can also participate in the Meeting through the Speech Contest, aimed at children from 3rd to 6th grade of primary school enrolled in […]

PTA Talks

Parents Education

A few days ago, Érguete Foundation gave a self-esteem workshop in the facilities of the British school located in Mos, an activity organized and promoted by the school’s PTA. In this activity, the definition of self-esteem was addressed, what it is and how it influences the children; in behaviors, feelings and thoughts, in the way […]

Science Fair 2019


The first British school in Vigo and the only one in Galicia to teach the British curriculum in its entirety celebrated last Saturday the sixth edition of its Science Fair, with a new success of influx, bringing together more than a thousand people in its premises in Mos. Science, creativity and inventiveness gathered one more […]

Science Week 2019

Academic Events

One more year, O Castro British School celebrates their Science Week, a week in which our students, from Early Years to Year 12, enjoy talks, activities and fun scientific experiments, and which will close next Saturday with the Science Fair. Throughout the week, our students will attend very interesting talks given by parents of the school, […]


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Last weekend, Club de Campo de Vigo hosted the second cycle of the Galician Youth Paddle Championship, a fantastic initiative supported by the Galician Federation of Paddle and promoted by the school’s padel monitor that allowed Galician children from alevin to junior categories enjoy this competition. O Castro British School was represented in this event […]

Physical education

Sports Trips and exchanges

Within the next few weeks, our Year 11 students will visit Vigo’s Univesity Campus’ gym. The main objective of these visits, coordinated from OCBS’ P.E. Department, is to teach our Secondary students how to use a fitness hall in a healthy way. They’ll learn how to use the devices in it and try some of […]

Sky Trip

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Our Year 6 and Year 7 students enjoyed this week a few days of sport, fun and coexistence in Valgrande-Pajares ski resort, with the sun and companionship as protagonists. During these days, the youngest students of Secondary School lived an enriching experience in which they will be able to develop their autonomy, independence and responsibility. […]

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