We promote the critical and creative thinking of our students

To foster the critical and creative thinking of our students is one of the core principles of our educational system. In this context, O Castro British School launches the Art and Science Awards. Following the theme of the Science Week, students will be explore the potentials of Artificial Intelligence.

Through investigation, innovation and creativity we will be challenging our Year 9 students (aged 13) to work in teams to fuse concepts in the arts and design fused with cutting-edge areas of study in the sciences and understand and innovate a concept into a potentially realisable dream that can solve real world issues. And with the purpose of making this world a better place too!

Parents and family collaboration –through talks or workshops- will be essential to realize this project! Bringing our secondary school students real experiences of professionals and entrepreneurs linked to the world of art and science will be a great help and inspiration to successfully face not only this project, but also their own professional careers.

We really appreciate your collaboration!

17 / 02 / 20