Year 7´s are launching into their Term 3 project of “The Lion King”. They explored how animators for the Lion King characters looked at real animals, even bringing a lion into their studios to draw from and to see how they move and express emotions. I did not bring in a real Lion or Warthog to their class… we used photos for the students to draw from today and hope to visit the Zoo soon instead.

After that they explored how animators exaggerated features and expressions to show character in the animals. Students practiced some dramatic impersonations of regal pride of Mufasa or a sneer of Scar. Then they could imitate how animators have drawn Lion King characters, or for further challenge, design their own cartoon characters from other African animals not in the movie.

We are really pleased with this class, many of whom challenged themselves with the latter option and they produced some exciting African animal drawings.

19 / 04 / 17