An O Castro British School student, finalist on Vigo’s interschool Speeling Bee

Last Friday, Salesianos Theater held Vigo’s 12th interschool spelling contests, in a marathon long event that ended at 22:30pm, due to the contestant’s high quality, who used all the words prepared by the organization.

O Castro British School had a big presence, not only Primary students – with Pablo Gabieiro Badaoui and Ángel Casal Moreno- but also Secundary –with Ronja Tollander and Álvaro Morgade.

Taking into account that all of them did great, our student Álvaro stood out specially and managed to win for O Castro British School the 2018 edition’s third prize trophee.

You can follow the full video of the contest and its media coverage in the following link BLOG DE SCHOOLHOUSE

Congratulations to you all!

20 / 03 / 18