IGCSE results

The lockdown could not tarnish the results of the IGCSE students (the secondary school examination system) who also achieved fantastic results. Congratulations to both students and teachers!

Grade A* 18.7%
Grade A*- A 47.1%
Grade A*- B 74.2%
Grade A*- C 94.2%

Worthy of special note is Álvaro Morgade who was awarded with a special certificate from Cambridge International Examinations. Álvaro attained the highest grade in the whole of Spain for English Language IGCSE. Well done!

We would like to share some inspiring words from our student, who starts his last year at school this September.

“Having been distinguished as the best student from all schools affiliated to NABSS is a real pride, for me and my family. News like this proves that the impossible is merely subjective and that the key to success lies in effort, commitment and dedication.
In the first exam I took, in June, the grade I obtained was rather unsatisfactory. But this only motivated me to re-sit the exam on a second call, achieving the highest mark in Spain. This mentality of self-improvement and non-conformism is what we aim for at O Castro, where learning goes beyond academic commitment so that each day, each lesson and each project shall be an experience, shaping an open mind and an attitude of improvement, with high aspirations that foster ambition. This is what is expected from a lifelong learner, our vision of the student at O Castro.
Now it is time to continue working towards new personal and academic successes. News like this certainly helps me to stay motivated and pursue new dreams; as it is for me to study Dentistry in Spain. I hope to keep up with these qualifications in my last academic stage.
Although I am currently taking Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics A-Levels, and Biology and Chemistry as optional PCE subjects, my objective in life is none other than to become someone and feel useful as part of a society. A society that must face new heterogenous challenges to combat new adversities. For this, it will be necessary to work hard and to believe in one-self: only those 2 ingredients will make us stand out.”

04 / 09 / 20