O Castro British School gets second place in the “Academic Olympics” international competition.

Last week, the ICS of London hosted a new edition of the international Globeducate competition “Academic Olympics” which was held online, due to the coronavirus pandemic. A total of 25 International Globeducate schools – and 70 teams – from India, England, France, Italy and Spain participated in this year´s edition.

The two teams from O Castro accepted the challenge and overcame it very successfully. Our Year 9 and Year 10 students obtained an incredible second place in the general classification. They also obtained first place in the area of Science and second place in Mathematics, so we say goodbye to this edition of the Globeducate Academic Olympics feeling more proud than ever of our students.

This event was a very enriching experience for participating students and teachers. The main objective was simple: promoting teamwork, exchanging and sharing ideas of ideas, fostering collaboration and a healthy competition in a strictly academic framework.

As detailed by the Technical Director of the school, Maria Guyre, who was also the coordinator of the event, “the teachers witnessed a lot of fun among our students, but also learning, self-knowledge, development of social skills, commitment among the different members of each team, risk analysis… and all in a framework of fun, harmony and friendship”.

Beyond the experience from an academic point of view, these types of events are of vital importance in the integral development of our students, as responsible and respectful citizens who can and have the desire to shape a better world. In words of the participant students “We learned a lot about the problems that are happening in the world, and that the decisions we make in our daily lives do have a huge impact in the future of our planet”.

10 / 12 / 20