What Mother would not like an item of jewelry designed by their child? Today we recovered this magnificent news. Tha past academic year, as part of the VIII Certame “Design a jewel for your Mother for Mother´s Day” organised by Colexio Oficial de Xoiaría de Galicia, our Year 4, 5, and 6 students carefully and lovingly designed an item of jewelry for their Mothers, in the hope that if they were a winner, they could have their jewelry made for the Mothers in time for Mother´s Day.

The designs by all of our students were of a very high standard and each student thought carefully about their Mother´s tastes and what they appreciated most about their Mother´s. Many might have been secretly asking their Mother´s about their favourite precious stones or colours or investigating their Mother´s current jewel tastes at home.

There were over 10, 000 entries to this national competition, 80 finalists were selected and from them only 12 winners would have their designs made by professional jewelers.

We were delighted that Nicolas Gaya Villamanar and Margarita Rey Alonso (both from 6A) were selected as finalists and invited with their parents and art teacher to the awards ceremony on Friday April 28th 2017, in the Auditorium of the CGAC, in Santiago de Compostela.

It was an incredible day, with many proud parents and excited children of different age groups from all across Galicia. Nicolas and Margarita alongside their Mother´s were awarded a goody bag and certificates and then we waited with bated breath at the ceremony to find out who had their designs made… and when Margarita´s name was called, we were all so happy for her and her Mum. Margarita had her beautiful ear-rings made and was able to present them to her proud Mother.

We are extremely proud of all the students that participated in this event and we look forward to participating again next year!

25 / 08 / 17